Department Of Arts And Culture Language Services

Department Of Arts And Culture Language Services

Department Of Arts And Culture Language Services

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National Language Service

Guiding the establishment of language units, drafting, reviewing or finalising provincial language policies and facilitating annual language awareness campaigns

The Constitution (Section 6, Act No. 108 0f 1996) calls for equitable use of the 11 official languages with a view to facilitating equitable access to government services, knowledge and information, as well as respect for linguistic rights.

Being conscious of the challenges involved in the efficient management of linguistic diversity, Cabinet endorsed a National Language Policy Framework (NLPF) and an implementation plan (2003) with a view to establishing infrastructure and appropriate mechanisms for the full implementation of multilingualism, especially in the Public Service.

In light of the foregoing therefore, establishing language units (by all government departments nation-wide), finalizing language policies and conducting language awareness campaigns are imperatives to be implemented with urgency. However, while DAC reserves the sole mandate to facilitate and coordinate the establishment of the required infrastructure nationally, successful implementation of multilingualism will depend largely on collaboration with all national and provincial structures, as well as the public.

Aims of Language Awareness Campaign

  • Encourage people to use their own languages and learn other languages
  • Create awareness of the benefits of living in a multilingual society
  • Create an awareness of the value of South Africa’s linguistic diversity as part of our heritage
  • Promote greater language tolerance in South Africa
  • Encourage public servants to provide a service to clients in their own languages
  • Inform business and private sector of the bottom-line benefits of implementing multilingual policies (Banks are ahead of everyone)
  • Ensure correct understanding of constitution and  policy at all

Legal framework

To all government departments, nationally, provincially and locally, if you wish to establish a language unit, draft, review or finalise your language policy or conduct annual  language awareness campaigns towards implementation of multilingualism policy, for more information, please contact:
Dr M Jokweni
Chief Director: National Language Service
Tel:  +27 12 441 3255

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