Department Of Basic Education Online Application

Department Of Basic Education Online Application

Department Of Basic Education Online Application,

How to apply online for a  Gauteng school place

[Applications for 2024 are now open. Watch this video tutorial on how to register]The Gauteng Department of Education launched its online admissions website yesterday for parents applying for their children to be admitted for grades one and eight for the first time. It’s even got its own Twitter hashtag, #Admissions.
Gauteng MEC of education, Panyaza Lesufi, announced that online admissions will be the norm for Gauteng parents starting this year.
“Parents must not be denied access to schools or be insulted by staff. Applying online makes our schools accessible,” Lesufi said at Sunday’s official launch.
The learner application periodstarts from the  April and ends on the June

The placement period runs from June until  July.
“The province has phased out the manual admission process to make way for a modernised online process which is more convenient and easily accessible,” the department said.
You can use the admissions on a desktop computer or smartphone. The department said it has set up and will announce centres where those without access to internet and/or a computer will be able to use the site.
There are a number of important things parents must note before they head over to the website and begin the process, so as to avoid frustration and confusion, namely:

  • Only parents registering their kids for the first time for either grade one or eight can use the site
  • No transfers will be accepted for learners already registered at a certain school. They must remain in that school
  • The site cannot be used for re-enrolment for learners who are currently in Grades two to six in primary schools and Grades eight to 11 in high schools.
  • Applications for the above-mentioned grades will be processed by schools from  April
  • The only exception to the above are parents who will be relocating to Gauteng
  • Parents who are relocating and would like to apply for the in-between grades must consult with the school to verify availability of spaces
  • The online application site cannot be used to apply for Grade R and schools for learners with special educational needs

The following documents are required to complete the verification/registration and application process and must be submitted at schools:

  • ID copy of the parent
  • Birth Certificate of learner
  • Passport and Study permit obtained from Home Affairs (non-South African citizens)
  • Proof of address for home or work

Tip: The process does look a bit complicated, so if you run into any trouble or there’s something you need clarity on, please contact the department by emailing or calling 0800 000 789.

Step 1: Log in or register

Visit GDE Admissions.
If you didn’t use the GDE Admissions site last year, you’ll have to first register before beginning the process.
You’ll be asked to select whether you’re a South African citizen or foreigner.
Once you’ve selected either option (we’ll use South African citizen in this guide), you’ll be asked to verify your ID number.
When the system has checked that your ID number is valid, you’ll have to fill in your personal details such as ID number again, name and surname and gender, on a form.

Afterwards, you’ll be asked to enter in a username and password you will use to log in to the main application page going forward.
You cannot apply online if you have not registered these details.
If you did use it last year and already submitted all required details, you can just use your existing log in details.
Your ID number will be detected by the system and you’ll have to answer a few security questions using your personal details.
If you correctly answer the security questions, your information will be retrieved onto the registration form for updating and validation.

Step 2: Apply

Click on “My Applications” at the top left corner and select “Apply ”.
Screenshot (7)
Enter your child’s personal details and click “register learner”.
Screenshot (9)
You’ll only be able to carry on with the following steps when applications open on  April.
Enter your child’s first name, the grade you’re applying for, whether or not they have a sibling already attending at the intended school and which physical address you want to use to apply.
Screenshot (10)
If the child has a sibling attending at the intended school, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of the known school where the sibling attends.
If no school appears or the sibling was not registered before, add their details by clicking “Add Sibling Details” to complete their registration form.
When you click “Apply”, your learner application will be sent to the sibling’s school and to the schools closest to your address.
If they don’t have a sibling at the intended school and based on the physical address you entered, you’ll be shown which schools are nearest to you which will be receiving your application.
Screenshot (11)
If your address doesn’t generate a list of suggested schools, you must select the “Can’t Find School” option.
A drop-down menu will appear listing schools in alphabetic order from which you can choose.
Screenshot (12)
Click “Apply”.
The “Previous School” option (for learners already attending in Gauteng) may be selected on the dropdown menu for situations where a learner in grade seven applying for grade eight cannot afford to use home or work address based on the language policy of the schools around the area.
If “Previous School” is selected, a dialog will pop up to show the closest school to the learner’s current school address.
Click on “Apply”.

Step 3: Application confirmation

After submitting your application, a confirmation message will be displayed with a waiting list number highlighted in red as reference for any queries regarding the application.
Screenshot (13)
An automated SMS will be sent to your cell phone number to confirm the submission of the online application.
Once SMS confirmation has been received, you must submit all the required documents needed at the schools within two weeks.

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