Department Of Basic Education Grade 5

Department Of Basic Education Grade 5

Department Of Basic Education Grade 5, Each year, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) administers the Annual National Assessments (ANA) in Home Language and Mathematics. These standardised tests help the DBE to verify that every child in every school is developing the language and mathematics skills appropriate for the grade.

NOTE: The Smart-Kids Practice Test books for Grades 1-6 can help your child prepare for these tests.  Click here to find out more.

Why is the Department giving these tests?

The DBE is determined to improve the language and mathematics skills of learners. The ANA will be used to measure learners’ progress and to establish the level they are performing at.

What will the tests be used for?

The ANA is a tool to assess whether a child needs extra help or not. Teachers can use the results to see whether their learners measure up to expectations. They can also use the results to adapt their lesson plans where necessary. District officials will use the results to design school improvement plans and to render appropriate support to schools.

Who sets the tests?

ANA tests are set by competent subject experts and teachers who are selected and appointed by the DBE.

Who writes the tests?

All Grades 1-6 and 9 learners in public schools will write the ANA, according to a nationally-set timetable. Either Grade 3 or 6 learners, whichever is the highest grade in a school, will write the test in Independent Schools that receive a government subsidy.

What will learners be tested on?

The learners will be tested on the language and numeracy skills they have learnt during the particular school year. Knowledge and skills developed in earlier years may also be assessed but the DBE provides guidelines on the scope of work to be covered in the tests.

Who will administer and mark the tests?

The marking of all ANA tests will be done by the teachers, guided by the memoranda provided by the DBE. In addition, the DBE and Provinces conduct centralised moderation of samples of marked scripts from schools to verify the quality of marking at school level.

How are the test results reported?

The Minister of Basic Education will provide a national report on learner performance in December of that particular year.

Will parents be informed of their children’s test results?

Parents will be informed of their children’s performance by the school. The school will send out an ANA report to each parent that will give their child’s individual results and explain in which areas the learner has achieved and also the areas in which the learner will need to improve.
Each school must also call a meeting to explain to parents what the results mean and to explain clearly how the school plans to improve results.

How can parents help their children prepare for the test?

  • Examples of the ANA tests and past papers can be found at or Go through them with your child and discuss the possible answers to questions.
  • The Smart-Kids Practice Test books for Grades 1-6 can help your child prepare for these tests.  Click here to find out more.

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