DPSA Housing Policy

DPSA Housing Policy

DPSA Housing Policy;

Guide for employees to access the housing allowance scheme

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Table of contents

  • Purpose
  • What is the housing allowance?
  • Who can benefit from the housing allowance?
  • Home owners
  • Tenants
  • Borrowers of home loans
  • How do you become a home owner?
  • Title deed
  • Instalment sale agreement
  • Permission to occupy (PTO)
  • State guarantee
  • Rates, electricity and water accounts
  • How do you become a tenant?
  • Occupational rent
  • All other forms of rent
  • How do you apply for the housing allowance?


  • Annexure A: example of an abridged rental agreement (WORD)
  • Annexure B: application for housing allowance scheme home owner (WORD)
  • Annexure C: housing allowance application form for tenants (WORD)

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