Department Of Environmental Affairs Objectives

Department Of Environmental Affairs Objectives

Department Of Environmental Affairs Objectives, The Strategic Objectives of the Department of Environmental Affairs are:

  • To protect, conserve and enhance our environment, natural and heritage assets and resources.
  • Proactively plan, manage and prevent pollution and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment.
  • Contribute to sustainable development, livelihood, green and inclusive economic growth through facilitating skills development and employment creation.
  • Contribute to a better Africa and a better world by advancing national environmental interests through a global sustainable development agenda.

The Department is guided by the following values:

  • To become a truly People-Centered organisation that responds to the needs of all South Africans.
  • To achieve the highest levels of Integrity premised on professionalism, quality, service excellence, honesty, transparency, trust.
  • To enhance organisation Performance through productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and continuous improvements.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the organisation and its sectors through amongst others, maximised impact, return on investment, continuity and knowledge management.

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