How is it to work for de Beers?

De Beers is a global company with a diverse workforce and a strong focus on sustainability and responsible mining practices. The company values innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning and development for its employees.

Employees have reported positive experiences working for De Beers, citing opportunities for growth and advancement, a supportive work environment, and competitive compensation and benefits. The company is also known for providing training and development programs to help employees build their skills and progress in their careers.

However, some employees have also noted that the company can be highly bureaucratic and hierarchical, with a slow decision-making process and a focus on maintaining the status quo. Additionally, working in the mining industry can be physically demanding and can require long hours and extended periods away from home.

Overall, working for De Beers can be a rewarding experience for those who are passionate about the mining industry and are committed to the company’s values of sustainability and responsible business practices. However, as with any company, it’s important to research and consider all aspects of the work environment and culture before making a decision to join De Beers.

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