DPSA Salary Level 9

DPSA Salary Level 9

DPSA Salary Level 9
The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) in South Africa is tasked with ensuring that service-delivery mechanisms work well and that institutional development and government initiatives are responsive to the needs of the citizens of the country.
Following an eight-month long negotiation process, the DPSA Salary Scales where amended. In 2015 there were numerous wage talks for public servants. Following conclusion of the talks, the DPSA approved a 7% hike in salaries for public servants, effective from 1 April 2015.
These amendments include a 28.5% Medical Aid adjustment for employees on Government Employees Medical Scheme (Levels 1-10). The housing allowance for all employees paying bonds and housing loans increased to R1200.
DPSA Salary Scales Level 1-12

  • Level 1: R6856 to R7254
  • Level 2: R7385 to R7814
  • Level 3: R8830 to R9342
  • Level 4: R10 464 to R11 071
  • Level 5: R12511 to R13 237
  • Level 6: R15 023 to R15 895
  • Level 7: R18547 to R19 623
  • Level 8: R23 033 to R24 369
  • Level 9: R27 381 to R28 969
  • Level 10: R34 174 to R36 187
  • Level 11: R44 357 to R46 929
  • Level 12: R52 569 to R55 618

According to the website of the DPSA, the Mission of the DPSA is to:

  1. Establish norms and standards to ensure that the state machinery functions optimally and that such norms and standards are adhered to.
  2. Implement interventions to maintain a compliant and functioning Public Service.
  3. Promote an ethical public service through programmes, systems, frameworks and structures that detect, prevent and combat corruption.
  4. Contribute towards improved public administration in Africa and internationally through dialogue and sharing of best practices

According to Chapter 10 (s 195[1]) of the Constitution of the Republic, Public Administration must be governed by the democratic values and principles enshrined in the constitution.
Get the full details on the DPSA Salary levels below
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