Department Of Home Affairs Alberton

Department Of Home Affairs Alberton

Department Of Home Affairs Alberton, Alberton is a city situated on the southern part of the East Rand of Gauteng Province in South Africa which celebrated its centenary year in 2005. As of 2007 it had a population of 202,202. It is known as a typical bedroom community, a community primarily residential in character, with most of its workers commuting to work in nearby suburbs or cities. The town has multiple access roads to all major freeways in Gauteng. Alberton is situated on the banks of the Natal Spruit close to the major urban centres of Johannesburg, which lies 15 km (9 mi) to the northwest – and Pretoria – which is 76 km (47 mi) to the north.


Trust Bank Centre 25,

Voortrekker Road New Redruth,



South Africa.

Department Of Home Affairs New Redruth, Alberton

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