Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Cape Town South Africa

Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Cape Town South Africa

Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Cape Town South Africa, The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is committed to the implementation of PAIA and has ensured that our new organisational structure has made provision for a dedicated office to implement PAIA. Our approach emphasises the importance of participative democracy, constant flow of empowering information, while also ensuring that our communities, particularly those at grassroots, understand their role in upholding our democracy.
Section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa stipulates that everyone has the right of access to any information held by the state and provides for the horizontal application of the right of access by another person to everyone when that information is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.
Through the PAIA, we are futher assured of upholding the principles of Batho Pele – People First!
Democracy is a right, a responsibility and a duty! Working together, we can do more to uphold this democracy and everything it stands for!
United and transformed agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector that ensures food security for all and economic prosperity.
Advancing food security and transformation of the sector through innovative, inclusive and sustainable policies, legislation and programmes.

  • Drive: driven to deliver excellent service through leadership and professionalism
  • Attitude: being an ambitious, passionate, reliable and dedicated workforce
  • Fairness: acting with objectivity, empathy, integrity and transparency
  • Focus: focusing on people, economic and rural development


    • SG1: Effective and efficient strategic leadership, governance and administration
      • SO 1.1 Ensure compliance with statutory requirements and good governance prac­tices
      • SO 1.2 Strengthen support, guidance and interrelation with stakeholders
      • SO 1.3 Strengthen institutional mechanisms for integrated policy, planning, monitor­ing and evaluation in the sector
    • SG2: Enhance production, employment and economic growth in the sector
      • SO 2.1 Ensure increased production and productivity in prioritised areas as well as value chains
      • SO 2.2 Effective management of bio-security and related sector risks
      • SO 2.3 Ensure support for market access and processing of agricultural, forestry and fisheries products
    • SG3: Enabling environment for food security and sector transformation
      • SO 3.1 Lead and coordinate government food security initiatives
      • SO 3.2 Enhance capacity for efficient delivery in the sector
      • SO 3.3 Strengthen planning, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive sup­port programmes
    • SG4: Sustainable use of natural resources in the sector
        • SO 4.1 Ensure the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and recovery of depleted and degraded natural resources
        • SO 4.2 Ensure adaptation and mitigation to climate change through effective im­plementation of prescribed frameworks.


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Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Switchboard National Callers: (012) 319 6000
International Callers: + 27 (12) 319 6000
Private Bag x250, Pretoria, 0001
GPS Coordinates: Agriculture Place:  -25.73668 South; 28.20425 East
Direct all Departmental enquiries, compliments and suggestions to the e-mail addresses provided  below. (Please select relevant branch/division/unit)
Cape Town
Private Bag x9087, Cape Town, 8000
GPS Coordinates: 120 Plain street: -33.92790 South;  18.42136 East
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