Does learnership pay UIF?

Yes, learnerships are treated like employment contracts, and as such, employers are required to pay the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) contributions on behalf of learners for the duration of the learnership program. This is because learners who participate in a learnership are considered to be employees of the organization offering the program.

The UIF is a statutory fund that provides short-term relief to workers who have lost their jobs, are ill, or are on maternity leave. Employers are required to register with the UIF and make monthly contributions to the fund, which are calculated based on the employee’s salary or wage.

The contribution rate for UIF is determined by legislation, and the employer is responsible for deducting the contribution amount from the learner’s stipend or salary and paying it over to the UIF. The employer must also provide the learner with a UIF reference number, which is required when the learner needs to claim from the fund.

In summary, employers are required to pay UIF contributions for learners participating in a learnership program, and learners are entitled to claim from the fund if they meet the eligibility criteria.

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