Department Of Home Affairs Id Check

Department Of Home Affairs Id Check

Department Of Home Affairs Id Check

pbVerify Home Affairs ID Verification

pbVerify ID Verification

The pbVerify Home Affairs ID verification tool is used by corporations to determine the correct identity information on South African citizens whether they are credit active, or not.

Validating identity data is incorporated by many organisations into the basic credit risk management processes and policies promoting good corporate governance and KYC (Know your Customer) strategies for companies that want to ensure compliance and ligitimacy of identity information for various applications across the organisation.
The pbVerify ID verification search will confirm the validity of the South African ID number and confirm the related names and surname as it appears on the Home Affairs ID verification database by means of reverse lookup from an ID number only.
The pbVerify ID verification information forms part of the standard pbVerify product suite and can be uploaded in batch spreadsheet or single entrieswhich are available after registration to any business.

An ID Verification search that doesn’t require WinCredit activation


The Home Affairs ID Verification will provide registered details on an individual with an SA ID number.
The Home Affairs IDV provides the following information:
  • Vitality Status (‘Deceased’ status can include date and place of death. Please note that it takes 3-5 weeks from date off issuance of a death certificate for the Home Affairs database to be updated.)
  • Citizenship (non SA citizens will be noted as ‘Foreign’)
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Gender

How to perform a Home Affairs IDV search
  1. Select ‘Home Affairs ID Verification’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply an SA ID number and select ‘Search’.
There is no charge for a ‘no result’.

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